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Traditional Print Media Vs. New Media


What is New Media?

new media


developing usu. electronic forms of media regarded as being experimental.

Taken from http://www.thefreedictionary.com/New+media

New Media is what many of us use every day, as soon as we log onto the Internet via the PC or smartphones. It is digital and allows for unlimited numbers of people to communicate with unlimited numbers of Net users. This is what makes New Media so powerful, and more importantly – it expands your reach as a business owner to the world, and allows other people to become “fellow marketers” through social networking tools. Its use and possibilities are infinite. A good example of New Media is Facebook in which it allows a business to interact and network with its users and gather feedback.

What is Traditional print Media?

print Media – a medium that disseminates printed matter

Taken from http://www.thefreedictionary.com/New+media

Traditional print Media refers to newspaper, magazine, brochure and written articles. Traditional print Media is limited in which one person or entity can communicate or extend his message. For example, an advertisement campaign in a magazine can be sent by a business and will be seen by thousands of people. However, it does not allow interactive communication and is one sided. This factor proves to be the biggest drawback of traditional print Media.


The table above indicates the rising number of Internet users globally. It is this trend that has contributed to its popularity of New Media.


The figures above show the declining revenue of the Newspapers from advertising in US. The figures suggest that newspapers are losing their foothold as a mean of advertising as New Media takes center-stage enabling seamless communication with consumers.

The PEW research center noted a 30% decline in paid circulation from 1990 to 2010( http://stateofthemedia.org/2012/newspapers-building-digital-revenues-proves-painfully-slow/newspapers-by-the-numbers/ last accessed 02/06./2013). It is sufficed from the findings to conclude that newspapers are slowly becoming passé.


With this, it is sufficient to say that New Media is the way forward, and Traditional print media companies would have to evolve and take their business online. This is pretty evident from the success of  newspaper group such as Singapore Press Holdings which has taken part of its business online and this move has shown positive result in ther revenue(http://www.kbridge.org/newspaper-groups-find-success-in-moving-their-classified-business-online/ last accessed 02/06/2013).

How does this relate to my course goals?

The figures that were found above shows the importance of New Media and the need to master the tools involved  in usage of New Media ( use of blog, use of internet marketing tools etc ) if I were to embark on a career in Publication and Design upon graduation.

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