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Theoretical Reflection

 This is my first time doing a blog and hence there are many aspects to be looked into. I have looked into the aspects of background, document design,textual balance, layout readability and audience.


background-5-pointFor the background of my blog, I decided to pick a vibrant background to attract theattention of the reader.  However,  most of the body would be white as I do not want a background that is too colourful that may draw attention away from the main subject itself or worst still turn off the reader.

Document design

zig zagI have designed the blog with the objective of having plenty of whitespace for the eye to rest, and the mind to grasp what had been written.I have used black Garamond font which makes for easy reading. The words appear balanced and not fanciful. I have also chosen to placed my pictures and words in a zig zag manner. The simple reason being, the reader’s eyes would be forced to read the words that is beside the picture rather than skim through straight  from top to bottom. I have tried sourcing on the internet if there is a particular theory/studies on this but to no avail(I might decide to write something on this for my further studies on the subject matter). However, Idecided to use the scheme of placing the words and pictures in a zig zag manner.


jocondeI have included pictures to help the reader understand the point that I am driving at. The pictures helps in livening up the blogs and create the idea in the mind of the reader.


I do not have a specific target audience as the weblogs contain general information on issues in Publication and Design. However, I believe it might prove useful to those interested in the subjects or future media students doing a similar projects.

Similar blogs which I have found to be of good quality.

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  2. http://zakwan880.blogspot.sg/2012/03/screen-vs-print-media-design.html


It has been a wonderful experience for me learning on the subject matter of design and publication. The project had made me do research and in the process learn many new things which can be applied in future work or studies.  Lastly, I would like to thank Miss Jenny for the help she rendered in guiding me through the course and the opportunity to learn.

(To those who is reading this blog for inspiration for your similar assignment. Please take note that the alignment of pictures and words on preview function on WordPress and the published items might not be same. And hence, please check and edit your work before submission)

Image source

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