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Issues in Publication and Design Weblog 1


I am currently pursuing my B(A) in Communications and Management at UniSA. The series of 06 weblogs and 01 theoretical reflection is part of my project for this subject ( Issues in Publication and Design). Please view and comment on the issues that I post. Thank you.

Weblog 1: The importance of document design.balance

For my first post, I would like to look at design principles. Let’s look at balance. And balance  here refers to having comparable visual “weight” on both sides of a page or on opposing pages in a longer document (Reep, Diana C pg. 135).

The Triptych                                                                                                                           

the triptych
I would quote the example of using The triptych, which serves as an easy guide for new writers to follow as they embark on their writing journey. It is simple, easy and effective enabling the write to achieve balance in his writing.


                                                                                                                         Visual Balance

Visual balance in simpler perspective comes from simply placing elements on the page in proportion and order (headings, pictures information, whitespbookace, indentation, margin and fonts) so that no one section is heavier than the other.  The arrangement should achieve a balance that it is pleasing to the eye, makes for easy reading and retain the attention of the reader.The example as seen above best describes balance with its interplay of words, pictures and usage of colors, which was spread across the page.


                                                                                                                                     Imbalanced Page

impactful posterHowever, an imbalanced page can be used if its means is to create an impact on the reader. The example above, best highlights the use of an imbalanced page to create impact. This however, should be done with great care, as it might prove disastrous if it does not achieve the desired impact and reader gets turns off.

 How does this relates to my course goals?

To sum up, I would quote Colin Wheildon (1990) “Design is not or should not be, mere decoration and abstractions but part of the business of communication (Pg6)”.


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