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Every now and then, in our course of studies we hear the word “plagiarism” being used. What is plagiarism and how does it occurs? Lastly, how do we prevent it?

What is Plagiarism?
thiefPlagiarism as defined by the university of South Australia is
‘a specific form and serious act of misconduct. It is the use of another person’s words or ideas as if they were one’s own. It may occur as a result of lack of understanding and/or inexperience about the correct way to acknowledge and reference sources. It may result from poor academic practice, which may include poor note taking, careless downloading of material or failure to take sufficient care in meeting the required standards. It may also occur as a deliberate misuse of the work of others with the intent to deceive.’
(Taken from last accessed 25/05/2013)

Forms of plagiarism

There are many forms of plagiarism but let’s look some of the commonly found types of plagiarism

1.  submitting another author’s original work without any alteration as one’s own.

2.Writing a  piece of work that contains significant portions of text from a single source without any alterations.

3. Changing some words and phrases but retaining the  main content of the source.

4. Paraphrasing from a few sources and making the content fit together seamlessly.

5. The act of borrowing generously from the person’s own previous work without any reference to the earlier article of reference.

A written piece with inaccurate citation or non existent sources.

prevent plagiarism

With the list, above it is fairly understood how plagiarism occurs intentionally and unwittingly. Therefore it is important for the writer to cite a source properly according to the Harvard or APA referencing properly. There are many electronic tools available on the web for this purpose.

How does this apply my course goals?

Any of form of plagiarism found in any submitted assignment would prove to be disastrous for me. I can be taken to task and placed under disciplinary proceeding. In real life, I can be subject to criminal proceeding by the parties concerned which might come with a hefty consequence and hence the importance of the subject.

Useful link for tools on referencing


Link on plagiarism


Link on how to avoid plagiarism



  1. N.A.. (N.A.). Academic regulations for Higher Degrees by Research.Available: Last accessed 25/05/2013.

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